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Application fields

Application fields

Shimall is a company that works for a cleaner environment and a more livable world by offering nonwoven-based products used in various sectors.

Filtration products such as Vizotex and Stitched Vizotex used in shoes and bombs are included in Shimall's environmentally friendly product range. These products aim to protect the environment by filtering waste and harmful substances.

Shimall also operates in the geotextile sector and offers Stitchbond products to increase the durability of materials used in the construction industry.

Suede is a commonly used material in the automotive and textile industries. Shimall produces synthetic leather to meet the needs of these sectors.

Cleaning cloths, cross-water jet, wet wipes, and lamination products are other nonwoven products offered by Shimall. These products are used for cleaning, hygiene, and various other purposes.

Shimall contributes to a more sustainable future by exhibiting an environmentally conscious approach with the nonwoven technology it uses to produce its products.