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This method, which is suitable for all kinds of fibers, is usually the process of mechanically bonding the specially designed needles with notches on them to the fabric by vertically lowering and pulling them, for various combed fibers.

  • Raw Materıal

    Shimall Nonwovens uses PES/rPET/VIS/PP fibers.

  • Features

    Shimall Nonwovens produces flat and calendared products in the range of 90-650 gsm

  • areas of usage

    Personal hygiene products such as diapers, sanitary pads, and hygiene pads are used in the production of nonwoven materials. Medical applications include masks, surgical drapes, sterilization packaging, and other medical materials. Textile products like clothing linings, comforters, pillows, curtains, and upholstery fabrics can also be made from nonwoven materials. In agriculture, nonwoven materials are used for seeding and nurseries, greenhouses, crop harvest bags, and agriculture fabrics. Automotive applications include seat linings, headliners, car carpets, and filters. Nonwoven materials are also used in construction for insulation, wall coverings, flooring, acoustic panels, and fire-resistant materials. Industrial uses include cleaning cloths, industrial filters, industrial gloves, air filters, bag filters, and battery electrodes. Nonwoven materials are also used in packaging for single-use bags.